Track your network's in/out speed.
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Monitor your network's speed and store it in a database.


  1. Install pip dependencies

    sudo python3 -m pip install --upgrade pyspeedtest hurry.filesize pandas mysql-connector numpy

  2. Set up a MySQL database and execute database.sql

  3. Modify Python/

    daemon_delay: how long to delay between runs, in seconds

    num_tests: how many trials to preform for each test

    script_path: path to the script with trailing slash

    speedtestServerID: ID of the Speedtest server you will use. Find it here:

    speedtest_embedded: use the embedded Speedtest Python API? True/False

    speedtestServer: url of the Speedtest server you will use if using the Speedtest API

    mysql_: mysql server auth and connection

    thingsboard: send data to ThingsBoard server? True/False

    thingsboard_: ThingsBoard auth and connection

  4. Set up to start on boot. Simplest way is to add @reboot /usr/bin/python3 <path to script> to crontab.