Dozens of neat animations for your new tab page.
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Animated New Tabs

Dozens of neat animations for your new tab page.

Replaces your new tab page with a neat animation! This extension includes (currently) 144 different animations for Chrome's new tab page to spice up your browser.

  • Has a feature to sync your selected tab between installs.
  • Works 99.9% offline.

You can't replace the Incognito new tab.

First Release: May 15, 2018.

Every version since 1.0 is in the Releases category.

The extension src is animated-new-tabs.

The pens from CodePen are licensed under the MIT license. Please don't distribute them and their files in /dist/pens (get them from their source). See animated-new-tabs/Credits.txt for the license of the animations.

The animations are from users on CodePen. If you are an author of one of these animations and you don't want your pen in this extension please contact me. But remember, your work is under the MIT license so I'm under no obligation to comply to your demands (but I probably will because I'm a nice person). For more info, check this out:

You are not allowed to re-upload this extension to the Chrome Webstore.