Your personal APRS SMS gateway.
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Your personal APRS SMS gateway.

This is a lot like SMSGATE, but it has some features I wanted that SMSGATE doesn't have.


You will need a webserver, a Twilo account, and a ham radio license.

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone

  2. Install pip packages

    pip3 install --upgrade flask gunicorn aprslib twilio termcolor

  3. Copy config/ to config/ and edit it

  4. Copy all the files inwebsite/ to your webserver

  5. Point your Twilo webhook to or wherever you have that file

  6. Add this to your crontab to start on boot: gunicorn --bind --chdir /path/to/PersonalAPRSSMS main:app

    If you want to start in a tmux shell:

    /usr/bin/tmux new-session -s personalaprssms -d gunicorn --bind --chdir /path/to/PersonalAPRSSMS main:app

  7. Edit the password and run this SQL

    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON personal_aprs_sms.* TO 'personal_aprs_sms'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password123';
  8. Set up HTTP auth. The .htaccess file will protect index.php, no modification nessesary.

  9. Copy save.htaccess to .htaccess. It's named that just to make sure it isn't deleted by anything.


You can send a message like @1234567890 hello how are you? to N0CALL-10. The PersonalAPRSSMS server will send a SMS to 1234567890 containing hello how are you?. 1234567890 can then reply back with a simple message like im good thanks which the server then sends to your APRS station.

The SMS recipient doesn't have to put your callsign in the message (unlike SMSGATE) because this server is intended for one user only.

Planned Features

  • Web interface to read messages. Useful for when you want to make sure you didn't miss anything once you are in cell service.
  • Aliases/code words for phone numbers so you don't have to broadcast them over APRS.
  • Read APRS acknowledge reports and send SMS and APRS messages to confirm that the message was received.