Python script to download all media of a 4chan thread.
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Python script to download all media of a 4chan thread.

Download Script

The main script is called and can be called like this: python [thread/filename]

usage: [-h] [-c] [-d] [-l] [-n] [-r] thread

positional arguments:
  thread              url of the thread (or filename; one url per line)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -c, --with-counter  show a counter next the the image that has been
  -d, --date          show date as well
  -l, --less          show less information (surpresses checking messages)
  -n, --use-names     use file name instead of ID
  -r, --reload        reload the queue file every 5 minutes

You can parse a file instead of a thread url. In this file you can put as many links as you want, you just have to make sure that there's one url per line. A line is considered to be a url if the first 4 letters of the line start with 'http'.

Thread Watcher

This is a work-in-progress script but basic functionality is already given. If you call the script like

python -b vg -q mhg -f queue.txt -n "Monster Hunter"

then it looks for all threads that include mhg inside the vg board, stores the thread url into queue.txt and adds /Monster-Hunter at the end of the url so that you can use the --use-names argument from the actual download script.